AVA Foundations Course


Monthly mentorship to assist your transition into veterinary medicine



Our primary goal of the AVA Foundations Course is to provide a personalized, goal oriented, and clearly structured source of mentorship and continued growth for clinical veterinary students and recent graduates. Veterinary medicine is NOT a one size fits all model. There is exceptional room for improvement beyond your school education and we believe that it is each individual’s responsibility to maximize the resources available to create a veterinary career you thrive in. Our goal is to help veterinarians develop sustainable and fulfilling careers that will provide happiness for a lifetime. We do this through helping you critically evaluate what kind of doctor you want to be, creating intentionality in communication, and strong clinical decision making.

We’ve combined multiple formats to fit different personalities to get you information on a wide variety of topics. AVA doesn’t only cover common medical cases such as atopic dermatitis, the skinny cat dilemma, and emergency must knows – we’ll also cover concepts like bulletproof communication skills, understanding practice culture and financials, intentional goal setting, and even how to set intentions for your financial future. Live webinars, specialist guest speakers, small group discussion sessions, and opportunities for 1-on-1 consultations with Dr. R and Dr. B are on the schedule EVERY MONTH FOR ONE YEAR! The best part? You can join us live OR work on things on your own time.  

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